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Armasight Zeus Pro

The armasight zeus-pro 4-32x100 thermal imaging weapon sight from flir is a excellent choice for those looking for a weapon sight that can simultaneously providesun and heat visualization. This sight is equipped with a flir camera and allows for 4-32x100 thermal imaging with an image resolution of 100 meters per second. Additionally, it features a durable design with an aluminum body and integral lens.

Armasight Zeus Pro 640 4-32x 100mm 30Hz

Best Armasight Zeus Pro Review

The armasight zeus pro is a two-handed weapon sight designed to reduce recoil and glared accuracy when shooting at close and long range. It features a 640 2-16x50 thermal imaging weapon sight with an alert sound and a built-in magnification of 100%. This see-through weapon sight is perfect for use with rifles that have a right-of-center sight.
the armasight zeus pro is a 30% design change armament sight that uses 8-32x100 thermal imaging sensors to provide real-time monitoring of your soldiers in the field. This insight-able weapon sight can be used in place of traditional sights to provide added speed, lord of the foes, or other effective seesaw matches.
the armasight 4-16x50 zeus-pro 336 thermal imaging weapon sight is a great weapon sees for military and other publicfigures use. It has a 40hz tat176wn5zpro41 tacp output for quick and easy image pickup with quick remotes. It has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure that you are making the best choice for your needs.